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FREE EU Shipping when you spend over €300,- Shipped in 1-10 business days*

FREE EU Shipping when you spend over €300,- Shipped in 1-10 business days*

Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes
Amber Blokjes

Amber Blokjes

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What are Amber Cubes?

Amber cubes are handmade scented cubes from Morocco. The Moroccan scent cubes can be used in different ways, but are not suitable for use as soap.
Place the amber cubes on a bowl in your living room or hang them in the wardrobe, this is a method that is often used.

What can you do with an Amber cube?

Another possibility is to cut off a piece of the amber block and let it melt on a scent burner. This way you get a more intense diffusion of the scent. It is also possible to scrape off the scent block with a knife. The smell of the block becomes more noticeable again and the scrapings can be used as a powder in the vacuum cleaner bag.

we have these blocks in different scents:

  • Wood
  • Black Musk
  • Fresh Flower
  • Alpha 
  • White Musk
  • Jasmine
  • Sunshine
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